Designed to Outdo

Construction standards are now more rigorous than ever.

The National Energy Code of Canada has tightened building envelope regulations and standards, effective November 1st, 2016. Insulation R-values must now reflect a wall’s construction and thermal bridging. Fire Resistance Rating requirements are also more stringent.

Are your construction materials passing the mark within your usual budgets?

Enerpan’s structural insulated panels (SIPs) not only meet the demands of modern building—our designs keep you on the forefront of ever-changing construction technology.

Clad with steel sheathing, our SIPs contain rigid polyurethane foam, produced with a fire-resistant resin. Renowned for their strength, our designs boast extreme insulating properties and flame resistance—exactly what contemporary construction requires.


Versatility Is Everything

Industrial Buildings

Structural 1.5”-6.0” – Fire-Rated or Standard Foam. Easily installed and highly durable industrial building systems that are customizable as your space needs grow.

Oil & Gas Buildings

Structural 1.5”-4.0” – Fire-Rated or Standard Foam. Highly insulated, frameless buildings for housing expensive equipment, protecting handling units or constructing shelters/trailers.

Commercial Buildings

Structural 1.5”-6.0” – Fire-Rated or Standard Foam. Airtight and easily installed commercial building systems, improving indoor air quality and reducing operating costs.

Tank Insulation

Tank Insulation 1.0”-4.0” – PIL Foam or Mineral Wool. Easily installed and weather resistant tank insulation, lowering construction costs and providing superior thermal protection.

Residential Construction

Structural 1.5”-6.0” – Fire-Rated or Standard Foam. Airtight, well-ventilated residential building envelopes, reducing heating costs and improving indoor air quality.

Agricultural Buildings

Structural 1.5”-6.0” – Fire-Rated or Standard Foam. Energy-efficient and structurally superior agriculture buildings or renovations, withstanding moisture and increasing lifespan of stock/machinery.

Utilidor Systems

Structural 1.5”-3.0” – Fire-Rated or Standard Foam. Ideal for insulating pipe systems of all varieties, delivering unmatched thermal insulation and noise suppression.

Roofing Systems

Structural 1.5”-6.0” – Fire-Rated or Standard Foam. Durable, highly insulated roofing systems for new builds or renovations in residential, commercial or light industrial construction.


Structural 1.5”-4.0” – Fire-Rated or Standard Foam. Thermally efficient building coolers, freezers, food processing rooms/plants, cold storage warehousing and refrigeration units.

Benefits of Structural Insulated Panels

Build Smarter & Stronger

Airtight Insulation

With steel sheathing encasing a solid polyurethane insulation core, our structural insulated panels are significantly more airtight than traditional framed structures. Even when a wall requires electrical and plumbing punctures, the closed cell insulation remains intact, minimizing air and moisture leaks.

Cost Effective

With their extreme insulating properties, our SIPs reduce the need for additional building products, such as structural framing, vapour barriers, gypsum and sheeting. Our panels also require less construction time, as the system fits together simply and quickly compared to conventional framing. These lowered material and labour costs add up to higher savings.

Long Lifespan

Moisture, mold, bacteria: our SIPs withstand it all. Unlike traditional wood framing, or even wood SIPs, our steel panels won’t shrink or bend with time. The result: minimal air leakage and long-lasting, even finishing.

Flame Resistant

The steel sheathing on our SIPs prevents and stops the spread of flames. Our proprietary polyurethane insulation can also contain a fire-resistant resin, designed to meet National Fire Code of Canada standards for residential, commercial and industrial construction.

Energy Efficient

A building system’s thermal performance is the highest concern of consumers today. At 6.7 R-value per inch, our SIPs are much more energy-efficient than traditional framed structures. This aligns your construction practices with today’s sustainable building standards.

Easy to Install

Our SIPs have simple lap joint connections, making them more efficient to install than a stud wall. You can cut our panels with inexpensive saws, attach them together or affix them to framing with standard hardware. A saw cut is all that’s required to install windows and doors.

Durable Design

Structurally superior, our panels can withstand axial loads much heavier than conventional framed walls. Our designs evenly distribute weight across the entire panel—unlike traditional studs, which are spaced on specific stress points.


Available in a variety of sizes, colours and thicknesses, we can manufacture our SIPs specifically to your building needs. From residential and commercial buildings, to light industrial and agricultural structures, we can build our panels into wall, roof or floor components.