Standing Seam Composite Panel

The Standing Seam Composite (SSC) Panel is utilized as an exterior insulation and facade system (EIFS), aimed at quickly and easily adding additional layers to the exterior of a building or envelope in order to meet additional building code, climatic, or client needs. Additional facade or finishing materials can be attached to this system, providing an instant rain screen.

The SSC Panel is comprised of one or more layers of board stock material, adhered to a roll-formed, standing seam metal panel.

Board stocks can include Polyisocyanurate, EPS, or XPS, for increased insulation, Mineral Wool or Slentex for increased insulation and fire-resistance, or GlasArmor for ballistic resistance.

Diagrammatic representation of Enerpan’s Standing Seam Insulated Panels joint and seaming process.

From left to right, the panel standing seam panels are overlaid, the panel joint is mechanically seamed with a 180-degree bend, and then finalized with an additional 180-degree seam, in order to completely seal the system.