Enerpan Building Systems is an Alberta-based firm specializing in design, engineering, packaging, and supply of high-performance, panelized components for multiple construction segments, including Light Industrial, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, and Residential sectors.

Our Benefits

Enerpan continues to build upon the strong foundation that has been laid for us by decades of high-performance manufacturing and construction.  We offer a range of powerful, functional building products that are affordable to, and usable by, many builders.  

This is achieved by combining design, quality, function and value, always with a constant view on iterative improvements

Our Focus

For our customers, completing projects on time and within budget are top pain points.  Architects, Engineers, Constructors, and Packagers all face increasing pressure to lower costs in the areas of design and production, while timelines get tighter and consumer expectations climb higher.  Our team works hard to create construction efficiencies, so our customers can deliver success.  

Enerpan works with Designers, Builders, and various Industry Partners to optimize materials, labour, and logistics, in order to complete successful projects throughout North America

Our Strengths

Designed for Builders

Enerpan supplies panels and construction systems that are all focussed on optimized construction. All items are designed to be assembled quickly, and all are less prone to quality control issues.

Design Strength

In-house Engineering and Design gives Enerpan a strong ability to deliver custom, innovative solutions for its customers. 


Reputation for Quality

Enerpan’s panels hold the highest standard of quality in small to mid-sized industrial buildings. 

Knowledge of Customer Needs

Enerpan’s core sales, engineering, and management team have working knowledge of the codes and building requirements that Customers have across various jurisdictions in Canada and the U.S.

Building Construction Expertise

Enerpan’s core sales, engineering, and management team have decades of combined experience in Light Industrial, Oil & Gas, and Industrial Construction. This allows us to anticipate the needs, and provide a suite of solutions that allow for a long term, helpful relationship.

Research and Development Expertise

Planned iterative improvement to products and services requires robust collection and analysis of data, ability and willingness to work with suppliers to commercialize new and improved products, and constant communication with customers on pain points. Our Management team has research and development