Enerpan Building Systems is a firm specializing in design, engineering, manufacturing, and packaging of high-performance buildings and building envelope kits.




Mobile Units



Small Residential Construction

SIPs are less costly to build than container homes and offer greater architectural freedom due to high structural load capabilities and immediate energy efficiency direct from the factory. Models can be stick-built or built using prefabricated modular construction.

Multi-Family Residential

Similar to Commercial Construction, where a facade attachment system is required on both interior and exterior

Indoor Farming

Cost effective construction and operation, ease of scalability, and energy efficient operations, as well as the option to connect directly to renewable energy sources such as solar or wind, make the structures desirable for urban agriculture.

Sheds & Garages

Cost-effective and easy-to-build small structures that can be sold as supply-only packages direct to consumers or professional builders.

Industrial & Commercial Buildings

Building exteriors and roofs, not requiring architectural paneling other than metal profiles.

Mobile Site Units

Cost-effective option for both manufacturing and operation costs compared to existing competitors (refurbished shipping containers, and office trailers).

Commercial Construction (requiring building facade)

Allows for finishing through a facade attachment system for nonproprietary architectural panels (eg: hardie board, porcelain

Commercial Renovation or Retrofit

Similar to Commercial Construction, where a facade can be quickly be installed over an existing exterior to improve weather resistance and energy efficiency.

Comprehensive Building Exterior System

Partnering with other manufacturers to develop modular building products that pair with our systems