Design & Engineering

For builders and owners that want to construct longer-lasting, high-performance buildings and enclosures, Enerpan Building Systems uses sensible design, factory-controlled component production, and optimized construction techniques to deliver code-compliant projects, guaranteed to improve efficiencies in time, money, and material.

Our Design Process

Enerpan’s design process starts with an evaluation of our projects based upon 3 major need areas:
  1. Code Compliance
  2. Climatic Conditions
  3. Client Requests and Constraints
Stakeholders are further encouraged to focus design on a subset of goals that help lead to overall project success:

Proper Material Selection

Reduction of Waste

Indoor Environmental Quality

Energy Efficiency

Project Life Cycle

Structural Design

Proper Structural Analysis allows customers to optimize capital and labour expenditure on building kits. A stamped structural engineering report built for a custom building.

By designing buildings using finite element analysis to determine structural needs for custom projects, and then providing Professional Engineer stamps in both Canada and the United States, Enerpan can provide custom building kit solutions for our customers across North America.

Detailed General Arrangement & Assembly Drawings

Buildings can be made up of smaller wall or modular sections, and combined during project completion. Customization options can include height, width, length, colour, doors & windows, access hatches, transportation or lifting specifications, R-Value, and many more.

Once analysis in complete, custom building packages, including panels, wall section details, modules, and overall buildings are designed using Autodesk Inventor.

ISA Formatted Documentation

Providing documentation meeting ISA Standards allows Engineers, Sales Teams, and Project Managers to coordinate project scope and building needs